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    Caring and committed chiropractic services in Toowoomba & Roma

    Here at Brownlie Chiropractic, our team of caring and committed chiropractors are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best service available across the entire Toowoomba & Roma region.  Using our many skills and comprehensive range of chiropractic services, we will help you get your body back to its optimum health and performance.

    Our services include

    • Chiropractic Adjustments
    • Acupuncture
    • Massage
    • Exercise Prescription
    • Rehabilitation Programs
    • Kinesio Taping Method

    What to expect

    During our extensive consultations, we will thoroughly examine you to identify your pain-producing structure. We will create a specific treatment plan for you to improve your symptoms and address all the underlying causes. 

    Our friendly and experienced team will promote active care (exercise/ rehabilitation) to guide, help and empower you to manage your own condition independently, and encourage improvements in nutrition and exercise for a feeling of general wellbeing. We also happily provide regular chiropractic check-ups to maintain you are receiving the health improvements you deserve. 

    If you’re looking for caring and committed chiropractic services call Brownlie Chiropractic in Toowoomba 07 4659 9934 or Roma 0746226222  today!

    About Chiropractic

    Types of care

    1) Initial/Acute Care:

    • Care plan targets a reduction in inflammation and pain
    • For patients who present with an acute episode of musculoskeletal pain

    2) Rehabilitation Care:

    • Rehabilitation/exercises to improve strength and flexibility and avoid re-aggravation of symptoms
    • For patients with ongoing long-standing problems (chronic)

    3) Maintenance Care:

    • Periodic check-up every 1-3 months to help patients maintain and enjoy benefits they have achieved from initial and rehab care
    • Patients benefit from a periodic check-up which prevents relapses and maintains optimal spinal health

    Brownlie Chiropractic
    Promotes the return to optimal health and performance via:

    • thorough examination to identify your pain producing structure
    • longer consultations
    • specific treatment plan to improve symptoms and address underlying cause
    • promote active care (exercise/ rehabilitation) to empower client to manage own condition
    • encourage improvements in nutrition and exercise for general wellbeing
    • offer regular chiropractic check-ups to maintain health improvements
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